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First, lets discuss what is a static page. A static page is a page created especially, and automatically, for a certain reason to accomplish a certain purpose. Most of the static pages out there are monitoring websites that create pages showing information about the websites they monitored. These kind of pages hold a certain link building potential as they are easy to exploit and in mass they can do a great difference.

Here are examples of a static pages:


As you can see there are backlinks pointing toward this website; they might not be strong link juice but they are still crawled and considered by the Search Engines.

Why use static Page backlinks:

  • Great IP diversity
  • Automatic process
  • Natural looking
  • Can make a difference
  • Free
  • Easy and quick to create and set-up
  • permanent
  • Doesn’t raise suspicion



What Tool to use:

There are several websites that allow you to create hundreds/thousands of static pages and backlinks but the best one so far I have been using is Alexa.

What this websites allows you to do is create 2523 pages that will have back links pointing to your website in only a moment. All that is required for you to do is fill a small box and add your URL and keywords and then select how much submissions you want.