We are not going to take a lot of time over this issue but I realize that most of what we did so far was discuss the importance of backlinks. I need to make sure that you understand what follows well… Because if you don’t, you will never progress and you might wonder why.

Many people think or learned that all you need to rank high in search engines is building backlinks to rank high on certain keywords. To get high rankings in the SERPS, you need to have good content. You must deliver to your readers what is valuable to them and this is one of the most important SEO tips that you should keep in mind.

Search engines have been evolving and adapting to the internet in the last years and they are much smarter than before. They are not like they used to be, as they can now identify which content would be of use to Internet users. When providing content for SEO, you have to make sure that you can write good content that will be able to generate traffic that translates into sales or PPC. You cannot expect your visitors to click on your links and buy what you sell if they got here because of your high ranking in the SERP to then realize that this content, and thus website itself is bad material. They need to have interest in the content, create a desire of exploring some more before they will click anywhere and generate you some income. If the content isn’t high enough for their standard they will Bounce off your website within 5 seconds. Creating good content is one of the most important thing that you will ever have to do online.

So this has nothing to do with SEO, im nott even abording keyword density and such. You can learn about  that on any website out there and you should know about that already. What I am saying is No matter how good SEO is, any website that possesses content that boring, poorly written, laden with errors, or not relative to the topic being searched will experience higher bounce rates.  It is important to pay close attention to the way content is being