The process will last around one hour, and all the pages will be created without you having anything to do except watch these links get created; Or spend that time on other SEM project.

On what website should you use this:

Static page link building should be used on any website as this method doesn’t raise suspicion from the search engines at all. In facts when I create a new ADF website, this is the first real link building technique I use on the website. This gives a quick boost that often allows you to rank on page 1-2 very quickly and then start some more serious link building methods afterward.

There are some other very successful static page creating programs like scrapebox for example that can allow you to make ten of thousands of static page backlinks.


What are backlinks


But how can this help you rank on a certain keyword? You need to work with anchor text to manage to rank higher on a certain word. The word.

Let’s say I want to rank on the word Elephant facts for the site ( This site has a plus since the keyword is in the URL already)

I will need many anchors like this one, from several websites, pointing to that elephant site :

<A href=””>elephant facts</A> This HTLM tag will create the following anchor : elephant facts

Now that you know about backlinks and anchor text lets move to something else that influences the ranking.

For example, if we wanted to link to this video website, the link will look like this:

Dofollow and nofollow backlinks

Another thing that is essential to know about for search engine rank optimization is knowing the concept of dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

What are they?

They are the two available choices when creating backlinks. You can make it

Nofollow: Google will not use this backlink to influence search engine ranking, or barely.

Dofollow: Google will give credit for that backlink and those links will help you rank on the SERP.

How to know if they are Dofollow or Nofollow:

This one is a No follow because it has rel=“nofollow” in it :

<a href=” rel=“nofollow” >——-</a>

This one is a Do Follow because it doesn’t have the previous no follow tag.

<a href=””  >——-</a>

Or you can get a firefox plugin that will save you tons of time: Click here to read about that Dofollow plugin, how it works and how to use it: dofollow plugin

How to rank first :

If you wish to rank first on google, you need to take a fight on a keyword you know you might win. You couldn’t win first place vs the keyword: “GM” for example. You need to choose a keyword on which you have a chance to dominate.

Follow this link to learn how to find keywords that don’t have too much competition: micro niche finder

Dealing with the competition:

Having a word that has not a lot of competition is a good thing, but even though there isn’t a lot you need to rank first and work on that. But how much backlinks will you need? 50?100?1000?10 000?

Usually, just a few backlinks with high PR is enough rather than 10 000 with low PR.

To learn more about this follow this link: how to rank first on google

What next?

You posted tons of backlinks, good! What now? You need to wait for a while, a few weeks, the time google can crawl the backlinks and give credit to your site. You will see your site ranking higher like this website and higher in the SERP and eventually if you do what is needed you will reach the top. Also, you can boost your backlinks to make this process faster.

Keep track of what you are doing:

If you want to find out a method I use to rank first: good backlink method.

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