Ranking well on the internet is something every webmaster looks forward to. Search engine rank optimization or Search engine optimization is the method and techniques developed to be able to rank higher in the search engines. The Technics are always changing as the search engines evolve and develop new ideas. You need to always keep informative and move as the technology does. One thing is for sure, search engine rank optimization is essential for good online business. There are tons of way to do optimization, and many reasons to do so. In this article we will see why you need to rank higher and how you can rank higher by working your search  engine rank optimization.

What is Search engine rank optimization /SEO about

Search engine optimization is about ranking better in the SERP ( Search engine rank page) and the main goal is to get to the 1st place of page 1. Pages ranking is based on keywords. Websites try to rank on certain keywords to obtain a certain type of traffic that will fulfill their goal : inform, teach, sell, help or make money using other methods. Simple so far? But there are elements missing to the ranking formula. What will allow you to rank better on a certain keyword then a competitor? Back-links.